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Friday, January 15, 2016

Pink Panther Double Features

Aloha Everyone,

One of the best roles people remember Peter Sellers is the role of Inspector Clouseau. Today J.J. and I watched a double-feature of the Pink Panther. The Return of the Pink Panther  and A Shot in the Dark.
J.J. and I enjoy Peter Sellers' genius as Clouseau with his bungling personality, the idiosyncratically exaggerated French accent.
It is true that laughter is good for your health and spirit. I believe it was Norman Cousins who said, "Laughter is a form of internal jogging. It moves your internal organs around. It enhances respiration. It is an igniter of great expectations.”
So here is one of our favorite quotes from the Pink Panther.
Clouseau: "Does yer dog bite?"Inn Keeper: "No."Clouseau: "Nice doggy." (Bends down to pet the dog.  The dog snarls and bites him.) "I thought you said yer dog did not bite!
"Inn Keeper: "Zat.... iz not my dog."
Aloha -- Cathi