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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Getting Around Honolulu

Aloha Everyone,

Beautiful breezy morning, it was perfect weather for J.J. and me to walk over to Wailana Coffee Shop in Waikiki to meet Lena.

Yesterday Lena was teaching and was unable to join her husband George. Tomorrow she leaves for Charleston, South Carolina. Therefore today was the only time we could get together.

Spending time with Jeff and wonderful friends like Lena and George ameliorate any time taken by our medical appointments. Different friends fill a need at different times in our lives. Lena, a strong, positive, immovable and warn person is the anchor one can reach out to in the turbulence times of life.

We stopped by one of our favorite Chinese Dim Sum restaurants for lunch.

After lunch we went to visit another one of our friends who has a home with an incredible view:

Ala Moana Shopping Center continues to undergo upgrades and modifications.

Jeff dropped by to spend about an hour between teaching and volleyball practice. We waited for him with bento boxes for dinner. Playing the "Mom" card, I wanted to make sure he is eating right while his wife is away visiting her family.

Aloha -- Cathi