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Friday, January 22, 2016

Wedding Of Marc & Lisa & Cicada Restaurant in the Oviatt Building

Aloha Everyone,

I love weddings. Today's wedding of Marc & Lisa was held at Cicada Restaurant in the historical Oviatt Building on Olive Street in downtown Los Angeles.

Lisa, the bride looked beautiful and radiant in her long wedding gown. The occasion gave J.J. and me to reconnect with my brother's wife's family and introduce ourselves to Lisa's sister and her parents.

Formal photos of the wedding ceremony, wedding party (5 bridesmaid and 5 groomsmen plus the flower girl and the ring bearer) and the guests were all recorded by a team of professional photographers. Here are less formal photos of the event taken with my iPhone. Our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to Marc and Lisa and their families and friends. We wish them good health, friendship and love that would last them their life time.

For information on Cicada Restaurant where scenes of Pretty Woman, Wallstreet and Hero and other notable movies were filmed plus stories on historic Oviatt Building, please go to the following web links:

Aloha -- Cathi