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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Status Of Our RV Adventure

Aloha Everyone,

"When are you going to stop traveling and settle down?"

"Have you and J.J. decided where your permanent residence will be in the future?"  

These are frequent questions J.J. and I are asked by some members of our family and friends. Our legal residence is Box Elder, South Dakota. The honest answer is WE DON'T KNOW! At some point, we imagine ourselves spending longer time at each of our favorite locations -- for weeks or months at a time.

J.J. and I experienced our first RV adventure in Western European countries when our elder son was 1 1/2. J.J. drove an orange Volkswagen Pop Top.

The travel lasted 3 months. We loved it so much that 3 of us went back two consecutive years each lasting for 3 months.

When our two sons were 8 and 4, We took them on an around-the-world trip. Seven months of it was spent traveling in a predecessor of Honu.

The big difference of our previous RV adventures and with Honu is that we then had a definite time frame.

We appreciate everyone's concerns. We also know that these questions are posed to us because they love us and they care.  

We are truly grateful to our sons, their family and friends who continue to encourage us to learn and see the world, to live our lives fully and pursue our dreams.

Aloha -- Cathi