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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Bigwound, the Survivor Rabbit

Aloha Everyone,

I will call him Bigwound. Borrowing from two of the main characters of Richard Adam’s 1972 classic novel, Watership Down: Bigwig and General Woundwort. The story is an adventure tale of rabbits’ courage, friendships, battles and survival. This book was one of our two sons’ favorites when they were in pre-school.

I first noticed this not so attractive rabbit nearly a year ago, I dismissed it as an anomaly. After all, he popped out of a rain-water drainage, glared at me, then disappeared. But this time, the big, scarred covered rabbit was around on my morning walk in my Mother’s neighborhood. Curious, I paid more than cursory attention. I thought of Watership Down and tried to see if I could correlate one or more characters from the story to this one.  

Was Bigwound still part of a warren? Or was he forced out? His scars seem to indicate numerous past battles. Is he a winner or a loser? Does he have a permanent home? Is he a refugee living in the rainwater drain? What happens when it rains hard?

Bigwound seems cunning. He is definitely a survivor. He glared at me but showed no inclination to move. Instead, he is always stuffing himself. So here he is Bigwound photographed over 4 different mornings. I actually missed his gruff presence the last couple of days of our stay.

On our next visit to my Mother’s home, I plan to have a few carrots for Bigwound.

Aloha -- Cathi