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Friday, February 8, 2019

Lola & Mario, a Fascinating Couple

Aloha Everyone,

We met Lola and her husband, Mario, for coffee. Over breakfast, the four of us had a truly wonderful “getting to know you” conversation. Lola lived and was educated in the U.S. She has an American passport. Mario is a prominent pediatrician in Mexico with his own medical practice. He is also affiliated with Mead Johnson regarding their pediatric nutritional supplements.

Our coffee get together lasted from 9:00 to nearly 10:30 when Mario had to leave for work. We then continued our conversation with Lola for another hour. She is open, honest and kind individual. She is young. Yet her life story is very engrossing that she absorbed all our attention.

Listening to Lola’s passion of a holistic approach to education and helping those who need physical and emotional care through yoga was 
inspiring. We promised to keep in touch and unwillingly parted company.

For a late lunch, the two of us walked back to the seafood restaurant at the Hampton Inn. We shared a 
fried Pámpano and Calamari ala Romana. Of the many wonderful food we have been enjoying in Mexico City, these dishes prepared simply with garlic and olive oil were definitely worth a third visit!

On our return, we purchased paella from the Pastelería Madrid, a well-known shop in business since 1939. Cost for one kilo, about US $6.75.  It will make two meals for J.J.

Aloha -- Cathi