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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Temecula Wine Country

Aloha Everyone,

Temecula has a rich history that can be divided into multiple chapters. To summarize it in a single paragraph, the city had Native American origin, a period with Spanish missionaries, followed by cowboys and ranchers. The advent of stage coaches and railroads helped this once sleepy town to grow.  Development of planned communities, cultivation of vineyards began less than 50 years ago. Today, Temecula has become a popular tourist destination in Southern California.

Jim and Kay are wonderful friends and guides. With their intimate knowledge of the area, the four of us toured Temecula’s wine country.

The Gambling Cowboy in the Old Town Temecula was our lunch stop. They also showed us the ongoing dredging of a canal. It is easy enough to visualize how this town will further reinvent itself when the canal becomes a reality. One can eventually enjoy water sports and water frontage dining.

Jim remembered to make a stop at the Temecula City Hall so that I can take a souvenir photo. As mentioned to Kay and Jim, because of their friendship, Temecula has become a very special place for us.

Aloha -- Cathi