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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Mercado Jamaica

Aloha Everyone,

Mercado Jamaica is one of Mexico’s many public markets. It is best known for fresh flowers and ornamental plants. The complex has about 1,150 stands. Most of the 5,000 types of flowers and plants sold are imported from foreign countries. We asked our trusted taxi driver Claudio to wait for us while we explored.

The owner of La Flor de Guerrero was so enthusiastic and outgoing she literally indicated for us to sit so that she could serve us “the best enchiladas in Mercado Jamaica.” J.J. ordered chicken enchiladas which he shared with me. I ate mine after removing cheese and chicken, then I added green and red chili sauces. We drank a bottle of Mexican Coca Cola which is made using sugar cane. Much sweeter than the US version. J.J. told me that with hot chili and Coca Cola, whatever germs that might be lurking will not survive. :-).

We paid 80 pesos for lunch, and 110 peso for the flower arrangement. On our way out, we purchased two steaming corn on the cob with “no garnish” for our snack at home. It was an excellent day. Expenses including 400 peso for Claudio’s taxi service totaled US$35. And the two of us are grateful that the chili and Coke worked.

Aloha -- Cathi