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Thursday, February 21, 2019

My Own Credit Card

Aloha Everyone,

I alway had my own credit cards. During my working years, I had two cards: one for business and the other for my personal use.

When J.J. and I retired in 2014, we decide since the two of us will be together most of the time, we should reduce and combine our cards. A big mistake.

It all began last November in the Philippines when Terttu, one of my dearest friends, asked me if I have my own credit card. My response was yes. Terttu wanted to know if it was my OWN credit card or was it issued with J.J. as the primary card holder.

I decided to apply for one in my name. It’s challenging when we own no home, have no mortgages or monthly payments and no liabilities. Credit card companies reward those who have debt. Our practice of being debt free is frowned upon.

I am pleased to say that my new credit card arrived while we were in Mexico.  

Aloha -- Cathi