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Monday, February 4, 2019

Dining in Mexico City, Week 4

Aloha Everyone,

Our meals were pretty standard. J.J. enjoyed his Japanese take-out food. We had a couple of Italian dishes and simple tacos which were delicious, but not at all photogenic.

Mexican food is tasty and delicious, but sometime I prefer simple green salads with just lemon and olive oil dressing. When our friend Stan saw my salad photo he wrote back: Fabulous food in Mexico and you had a green salad????”

The two of us have not ventured out to eating street food. The aroma of freshly made taco and carne asada is tempting, but the most brave food J.J. purchased to-date is a bag of potato chips. The vendor overcharged. He paid double at P20 for a small bag. The cart was parked across the street from the Hilton International Hotel. So it was, “rich gringo price.”

Aloha -- Cathi