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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Churros con Chocolate

Aloha Everyone,

Many North Americans have a chance to enjoy churros at summer carnivals. One of my friends always buys her churros when she shops at Costco in Southern California.

In Spain and In Latin America, this sugar-sprinkled fried pastry often, served with hot chocolate, is enjoyed year around. This afternoon, J.J. and I walked to Casa Churra for a Churros con Chocolate’ treat. Known for their freshly made churros, the menu has a section where you can choose types of churro and chocolate. J.J. selected thick Spanish chocolate whereas I chose sin azĂșcar (sugar free) chocolate. Actually, if we had mixed our chocolates, it would have been the correct consistency and sweetness.

Whether one believes that churros were the invention of nomadic Spanish shepherds or another theory that they were modified from a similar food in China brought back from Portuguese sailors, today’s churro is synonymous to Spain and Latin America.

To counter so much sugar intake, we passed by a fruit shop to purchase some pears (imported from the USA), apples (imported from China) and locally grown limes.

Fortuitous meeting with Lola and Logan, her rescued dog wrapped up another wonderful day.

Aloha -- Cathi