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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Dilbert Comics

Aloha Everyone,

Some comic writers are ideas people and they don’t necessarily draw very well. Others are also terrific artists who can execute their great ideas in visual characteristics and provide appropriate settings where the stories take place.

Dilbert’s creator, Scott Adams falls in the first category. His drawings are simple and even crude but his comic strips are known for its satire about a white-collar engineer working in a micromanaged office environment. Dilbert’s office humor was introduced to the public in circa 1989.  

The main character, Dilbert, his boss and colleagues are developed from Scott Adams’ personal experiences working in big businesses in various roles.

Dogbert, Dilbert’s pet dog who can be more human, far wiser than Dilbert, displays the dark evil side of Scott Adams’ own personality, said the author.

Our son has the full collection of Dilbert from the time he was in grad school. He told me that these books were his stress reliever at the time. During this period of Covid-19 Pandemic, I think that most of us can use a stress reliever.

Here are a few of my favorite selections from our son’s collection.  

To visit Dilbert’s home page, please go to:

Aloha -- Cathi