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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Newspaper Delivery Lady

Aloha Everyone,

Every morning, I encounter a woman delivering papers. Accessing the security gate by using the key pad, she zooms into our gated complex.  I have not seen anyone who drives as rapidly or recklessly inside this complex.  Driving her small sedan with her right hand, she zigzag in & out of lanes.  She extends her left arm straight into the air then she flexes her wrist and the paper flies over the top of her car and lands right at the entry path of a house.  If there are 3 different papers to be delivered at a same address, she repeats the motion 3 times and papers land neatly next to each other.  It is actually quite impressive.

I’ve never spoken to her as she appears to be always in such a hurry.  When I hear her approaching with her car wheels screeching, I stay clear out of her path, grateful that I didn’t get run over and now able to finish my morning walk in tranquility.

Aloha -- Cathi