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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Potato Allergy

Aloha Everyone,

The only item I had for my lunch which I don’t normally include was a white potato. I washed the skin of the potato well then placed the potato in a microwave oven for 2 minutes. I ate half a potato with little a bit of butter and Himalayan pink salt. It tasted very good.

However, shortly thereafter I started to feel intense pressure behind my eye balls, then my eyes began to water. When I looked into a mirror, my eyes were very red. Almost simultaneously, I experienced runny nose and a numbness of my lips. By the time I decide to go bed to rest, I was feeling dizzy. My daughter-in-law wisely suggested that I take an antihistamine pill.

I spent the rest of the afternoon listening to songs by Andreas Bocelli. For dinner I ate a toast and took a 2nd antihistamine. I slept soundly for 8 hours and the following morning, I was back to normal.

Per my online research, potato allergy, while not very common, can occur at any age. Whether the culprit was the raw potato buds I handled or the microwaved potato I consumed, I made a mental note. It appears that the immune system in one’s body could perceive the protein, alkaloids and other substances in potato as potentially dangerous. As a result, my body might have produced an over abundance of histamine and antibodies. Thanks to my daughter-in-law’s quick suggestion, taking antihistamine was an excellent idea.

Aloha -- Cathi