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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Bird Drawing Class with John Muir Laws

Aloha Everyone,

I have drawn birds perched on tree branches, sitting in nests, walking on seashores but I am not very successfully when it came to birds in flight.

Today’s zoom class answered many of my questions regarding how to draw birds in flight. John chose raptors as his subject stating that small birds flutter their wings but large hawks or eagles, for example, soar in the air. Therefore they are much easier to draw in flight.

John emphasized on understanding the structure of a bird and characteristics of 3 main types of feathers: primary, secondary and covert. John also devoted a good part of the seminar on foreshortening of bird bodies, and wings importing geometric concept to his drawings.

This was one of the most helpful classes I have taken recently and I am eager to improve my drawings.

You can go to the secure website of John Muir Laws by typing his name and access his free classes.

Aloha -- Cathi