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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Telemedicine Update

Aloha Everyone,

By necessity, J.J. and I are learning additional ways to use our mobile devices. When the two of us decided on our Primary Care Physician at Scripps Torrey Pine Clinic, things proceeded very rapidly. The Scripps  technology staff are accustomed to assisting new patients. Via phone conversations, they walked us through steps of downloading 3 new apps, how to navigate and echeck in prior to our first teleconferencing with our doctor.

Our first teleconference which lasted 30 minutes each were very helpful and comforting that we will be under an expert and caring medical professional. The next morning, J.J. and I went to the Scripps Torrey Pines clinic to have our lab works done.

Making eappointment, answering required questions via echeckin prior to our arrival meant that we could just walk in at the appointed time. Everyone had their masks on, no waiting room meant limited contact. Except for the lab technician, I did not come in contact with anyone. We are also grateful that our daughter-in-law drove us so that we didn’t have to look for an oversized parking stall for Honu.

It was totally unexpected when I received a call from our PCP the same evening to go over the lab results. Overall, I am healthy. So is J.J. When she suggested that we reduce one of my medications and possibly discontinue using it after a follow-up lab test in 3 months, I was truly happy. She also emailed our designated Walmart pharmacist to give them my new prescription.

Changes are part of life. Changes are constant and we should accept them head-on. However, when changes mean positive outcomes, they are truly welcome.

Aloha -- Cathi