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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Dried Figs & Golden Kiwi Fruits

Aloha Everyone,

This week I am enjoying a couple of healthy “pick me up” snacks.

Figs are one of my favorite snack items. When fresh figs are not in season, I am more than happy with dried figs. Figs are native to the Middle East and Mediterranean. One of the oldest trees in the world, the fig trees appear in historical documents, J.J. and I have seen them in ancient paintings, tapestries and Greek & Roman sculptures.

Kiwifruit as known to the West originally came from China where it was called, “yang tao." When cultivation of yang tao or Chinese Gooseberry became successful in New Zealand, a new name, Kiwifruit was given. The name is taken from its national bird, Kiwi.

Interestingly, figs and Kiwifruit share many similar health benefits including:

  •  good source of calcium
  •  rich in potassium 
  •  high in dietary fiber
  •  rich in Vitamins
  •  antioxidants 
  •  low glycemic index

These fruits are natural energy boosters. Golden Kiwi, a little sweeter and milder tasting than its green cousins are also superb topping for cereals and oatmeal’s.

Aloha -- Cathi