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Monday, September 21, 2020

Unwanted, Fantasy Novel

Aloha Everyone,

When the book arrived in the mail, our granddaughter couldn’t wait to start reading it. She actually finished it in one sitting going back again, a second time, to absorb all the small details.

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According to Kirkus Rykus Book Review on Book One of the Unwanted series as “The Hunger Games meets Harry Potter.” Neither my granddaughter or I am familiar with The Hunger Games, but both of us have read the entire Harry Potter series. My granddaughter has also seen the two days theater showing of the Harry Potter play and enjoys playing the Harry Potter board game called Harry Potter Clue.

The two of us agree that Lisa McMann, the author of Unwanted’s imagination and creativities far exceeds that of Harry Potter.

The Unwanted series is written for middle school age readers in mind. There are 7 books in the first series and 6 books in the second. The latest book my granddaughter received in the mail is the 13th which she waited for a year for its delivery. The final installment, Book 14 is scheduled to be released about a year from now. What a propitious place for an author to be to be knowing her readers will eagerly wait to see what will happen and who will survive in the dystopian society. It’s an easy and fast reading. I enjoy the books because my granddaughter and I can converse about the characters in the book, creativities or magic they employ and kinships and conflicts among friends.

Aloha -- Cathi