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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Sidewalk Chalk Art

Aloha Everyone,

Chalk artwork on sidewalks are there to share with the public. Today, I took a couple of photographs of children’s chalk art.

The first one, the artist must be preschool age. The circular face has round eyes, butterfly-like wings on top of their heads and either arms and legs or multiple legs.

The second drawing, located at a different cul-de-sac, is that of a little girl with flowing hair. This artist is more cognizant of a human body. Her bent elbows with palm of hands depicting fingers are charmingly drawn. She is wearing what seems like a dress and a legging and a pair of shoes.

There is a little boy standing nearby and between them is an object. Using my wild imagination, that object could be a dog on a leash.

Children’s art illustrate full of dreams, hopes and possibilities. It is a joyful diversion to see sidewalk chalk art on my morning walk.

Aloha -- Cathi