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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Artificially Creating Rainstorms

Aloha Everyone,

Climate change is a buzz phrase for politicians, scientists, researchers, students, journalists and for anyone who is looking to get media attention.

Is the earth getting catastrophically warm and eventually becomes inhabitable for humans? Strings of devastating fires this summer left Eastern Canada and the Pacific Northwest as well as sections of California unprepared and unprotected to endure the heat.

Here is an interesting article about scientists in the United Arab Emirates artificially making rain.

J.J. and I have first hand experiences on how mountain ranges surrounding Quito, Cuenca in Ecuador as well as here in Guadalajara are naturally creating rainfall.

Nearly every late afternoon in Guadalajara we see lightning and hear approaching thunderstorms. People are accustomed to bright sunny days suddenly turn into a rainy day. Citizens here also appreciate blessings from this enviable weather where productions of tropical fruits are plentiful and for most places, water is plentiful.

J.J. and I also recall one form of artificial rainfall in Singapore we saw in December 2019 where the two of us visited the Cloud Mountains in the Garden by the Sea complex.

These are extremely costly projects but remain hopeful that new methods of creating rainstorms would help mitigate worldwide drought conditions.

Aloha -- Cathi