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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Happy Ending of Our Lavandería Search

Aloha Everyone,

We got our clean laundry back! After all our walking in search of a lavandería, one of the front desk staff who has been extremely helpful, offered to have our clothes picked up yesterday afternoon and had them returned this evening.

As an interesting footnote, J.J. and I are finding various ways of folding our socks. For this lavandería, each pairs are tightly pulled and stuffed into one side so when you pull them apart, they both are right side out. We were charged 200 pesos or about $10 inclusive of pick up and delivery.

To show our gratitude for her extra help, J.J. and I went back to the La Gran Plaza Fashion Mall and purchased a box of designer chocolates. The store clerk  showed no interest in making a sale. She only perked up when we agreed to pay $30 for her to prepare a gift box of chocolates, about half a kilo or 1.1 pounds.

Aloha -- Cathi