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Saturday, July 24, 2021

In Search of Lavandería

Aloha Everyone,

Our first attempt to look for a lavandería was three days ago. Recommendation and directions were from the tourism office.

The walk was a lot further than it was shown on our Google map. We stopped three times to ask for directions. When J.J. and I finally reached our destination, a woman peeked through an iron gate. After finding out that we were looking for her lavandería, she was nice and asked us to give her our clothes. We don’t usually take our clothes with us until we check out the premise. Never mind the building was falling apart but when we saw piles of clothes to be washed were strewn on the cement floor we rejected this lavandería!

When outside of our hotel, we have no access to WiFi. This morning following my handwritten direction, the two of us began our second search.

It started as a pleasant walk eventually leading us through a middle class neighborhood. Occasionally, we were treated to quick glances at beautiful gardens behind massive gates.

Finally, after receiving 5 different directions from helpful locals, we found Lavandería Lavatop. Two staff members who were there were friendly and helpful. J.J. and I told them that we will phone next week to have them pick up our clothes and deliver them back to our hotel the following day. We are trusting that this will happen as stated in their website advertisement.

Too much walking in the sun (76 degrees Fahrenheit), J.J. and I took a taxi back to the hotel to relax and replenish our energy for a late lunch.

Aloha -- Cathi