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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Challenges of 2020 Tokyo Olympic

Aloha Everyone,

  • Delayed by a year due to COVID-19 

  • No spectators allowed

  • August is the hottest and most humid month in Tokyo, competitions held outdoors affect athlete’s performance 

  • Developing weather patterns such as approaching typhoon, recent earthquakes in Alaska 

  • Controversy regarding athlete’s uniforms and exhibiting one’s body

  • Daily testing for COVID-19       

  •  Financial losses incurred by Japan

Ancient Olympic Games originated in Olympia, Greece during a religious festival honoring Zeus. Tradition of holding events every 4 years between August and September are still being followed. Olympic Games as a venue for international politics, to bring fame and potential financial gains to individuals and to their motherlands are nothing new. However this year, in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic, individual participants are using social media with their own following to assert their independence, to let the world hear their voices.

Aloha -- Cathi