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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Week 1: Diverse Dining Experiences

Aloha Everyone, 

Our dining experience for Week 1 in Guadalajara are more mostly self-explanatory. A large mug of Chai I ordered as my lunch contained about a cup of dried fruits soaked in chilled water. My stomach experienced a mild revolution.

However, our lunch today in a bar/restaurant was the winner. The restaurant was empty except for a couple on the balcony whom we first saw from street level.

J.J. had one of his preferred dishes of shrimps. I asked for avocado appetizer. The food was okay but what was memorable was the singer/guitarist. To say he couldn’t play or sing is truly an understatement. The man was so unmusical that we felt really bad for him. He kept on serenading us and the two of us tried to finish our meals quickly.

Perhaps he couldn’t make it as a street musician. To my suggestion to giving him 10 pesos, J.J. upped it to 20. When when I approached to give him the money, the guitarist smiled and thanked me profusely. Unfortunately, this story has a sad ending. A person who appeared to be his manager quickly snatched the money even before the guitarist could slip it in his pocket.

Aloha -- Cathi