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Thursday, July 1, 2021

Safely Back in Los Angeles

Aloha Everyone,

Our plane arrived at 4:00 am, nearly 4 hours past the original schedule. At LAX, everything was closed. Even wheelchair assistance or terminal shuttle services were not yet in operation. Fortunately with people movers and clearer directions, J.J. and I were able to reach the baggage claim area without any help. LAX is also undergoing constant renovation. Our hotel shuttle bus pickup site has been moved to another floor and the reservation at the hotel was not even aware of it.

Another kind citizen to the rescue. His uniform did not indicate whether or not he was an airport employee. When he heard about our flight delay and inability to locate our hotel shuttle stop, he accompanied us to the correct area and confirmed with his colleagues before he stepped into a large white van marked “Police”.

The hotel front desk clerk extended our check out time by one hour. Sufficient for us to get a little rest, take a shower and change to fresh clothes.

We found Honu covered in dust but engine started without hesitation.

Aloha -- Cathi