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Friday, July 23, 2021

Looking for More Interesting Food

Aloha Everyone,

After a week in Guadalajara, J.J. and I are looking for more specialty food such as Greek, Mediterranean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese or Indian. There are many establishments claiming Chinese cuisine, but they are far from Chinese. Literally rice with soy sauce served with quasi Mexican dishes are being passed as Chinese :-/.

Taxi drivers here do not use their meters and prices range widely. If we thought drivers in Ecuador were rough, here they speed on bumpy roads trying to beat signal lights while evading pedestrians. Life is truly adventurous.

Today J.J. and I went to Galerías. One of the hotel staff mentioned this being nicer than La Gran Plaza Fashion Mall. We found this complex to be smaller, older and the building layout was confusing. It certainly was not a “walking friendly” place. The best we found was Italianni and we ended up more or less repeating the menu from our previous dining at Italianni at Le Gran Plaza.  

I changed our UberEats address to Guadalajara. Thus our restaurant search continues.

Aloha -- Cathi