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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Vancouver, BC to LAX, California

Aloha Everyone,

Taking Oceania Regatta transportation meant that two of us had to leave 6 hours early to the airport. The limousine service turned out to be a regular passenger bus. It certainly was not worth paying $140 for the two of us for this service. In the future, we will get a taxi.

After going through Canadian border check, immediately followed by the United States immigration checkpoint, the two of us went to the UAL lounge to get some hot soup and the use of a strong WIFi.

United Airline flight from Vancouver BC to LAX, California was well worth the US $335 we paid for each of us. The Airbus 320 has 12 seats in the Business Class section. Our cabin attendant was personable and attentive that he made our 3 hours flight pleasant.

As is our customary practice, we spent our first night back in California staying at La Quinta Inn LAX. To get a snack for J.J., the two of us walked to a nearby Starbucks.

Aloha -- Cathi