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Sunday, May 7, 2023

Our Hair Salon Appointments

Aloha Everyone,

We love what Krystel does with our hair. J.J. and I had our hair cut only 6 weeks ago just prior to leaving Manila.  Krystel confirmed that my hair is growing about 1 inch per month. That is good news, but since we cannot see her once a month for maintenance, that creates its own issues.

Krystel listened to our wishes and concerns since our hair styles must be easy to maintain and hopefully would keep for more than a couple of weeks without getting out of control.

Krystel also gifted me with a small travel size sample of shampoo and conditioner to try.

One of the enjoyable aspects of going to a hair salon is to have my hair professionally shampooed. After Krystel blow dried my shorter than normal locks with short bangs, she told me it is her Mother’s Day gift to me. I promised at least for the afternoon, I will enjoy my new haircut and won’t cover it up with my usual baseball cap :-)

Aloha -- Cathi