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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Dining at Polo Grill Specialty Restaurant

Aloha Everyone,

Martin and Janice are experienced travelers on Oceania Regatta. The couple have taken two 180 days around the world cruises and are booked for another in 2024. Trying to tap into their knowledge from their experiences we asked how much luggage they carry for such a long sea voyage with so little closet spaces in the cabin.

J.J. and I learned that:
  • They carry flat suitcases which splits open.
  • The suitcases remain open under the bed spaces and there will be ample space to put two large and two medium size luggage side by side.
  • They do not use ship’s bulky bathrobe which are therefore removed to create more space.
Martin stated that he is okay carrying 6 months of clothes and cycles them around. Janice told us that when she gets tired of her clothes, she goes and shops for new ones.
  • We shared our philosophy of life, things that are important to us and reasons why we travel.
  • They advised us as to which anti-nausea medications are most effective and when would be the best time to take them.
They are doing the same back-to-back Alaskan cruise getting off in Vancouver. J.J. and I look forward to the possibility of sharing a table a second time.

Oh, by the way, food and service was excellent, but honestly, we enjoyed the conversation with Martin and Janice far more.

Aloha -- Cathi