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Monday, May 29, 2023

Cruising the Inside Passage

Aloha Everyone,

The captain made the announcement that we will be cruising through the Seymour Narrow today. The sea appears calm. J.J. and I spotted a large school of dolphins traveling alongside Regatta. As we arrived in Canadian water, we had a pilot board to help Regatta safely navigate this treacherous section of our sailing.

Today’s onboard activities includes last minutes bargain sale of Alaskan souvenir products. We met a couple who signed up for another cruise from Vancouver to Seattle, more less tracing our 12 days of sailing. For some, it is difficult to end this leisurely, very pampered lifestyle.

Another couple we sat with at lunch were busy thinking about their next cruise. But the husband will first fly back to Alaska for river fishing while his wife will stay home to spend time with their grandchildren. As soon as they finished lunch, she was going to afternoon tea to indulge in chocolates, cookies and sandwiches.

Photo is our room attendants. Jay on the left is from the Philippines. He took care of us for the full length of our two back-to-back cruises. Agust is from Java, Indonesia. Kiwi usually stationed in Terrace Cafe, is best among the best servers. They made our stay very special.

J.J. and I are back in our room finishing our packing.

Aloha -- Cathi