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Thursday, September 7, 2023

Emerald Princess Officers & Crews

Aloha Everyone,

The cruise industry is extremely competitive. As a result, the officers and crew members all strive to be friendly and attentive to keep us as satisfied Princess clients, so we wouldn’t look elsewhere.

Our invitation to Captain’s Circle Cocktail Party was recognition of brand loyalty for Elite & Platinum passengers. The venue was also used to provide information on upcoming cruises. One of the very attractive offers was to get 50% discount on cruises you book prior to the end of this voyage. Not only full payment is required but no exchange, no cancellation unless your cruise is canceled by Princess.

The person manning the future cruise booths seemed totally disinterested in helping out. Perhaps she doesn’t get any personal reward for assisting. After giving us a stack of printed schedules, she suggested that we go over them and revert back to her for additional information such as the cost.

J.J. and I placed deposits for 3 future cruises which we could apply in 2024 and beyond. These future cruise credits will not expire and can be refunded in full should we decide not to use them.

Before end of our 19 days cruise on Emerald Princess, we will write letters of citation for those who gave outstanding services.

Subaidi, from Indonesia, is our stateroom steward. He is one of the best the two of us have had on any Princess Cruise. On the first day, we prepared a list of items required for our stateroom and our expectations from him. Always cheerful, Subaidi is conscientious and helpful.

Lucia, Junior Waiter from Zimbabue is assigned to Da Vinci Dining Room. She greets diners as we enter the restaurant. Lucia remembered our names by the 2nd visit, that our preference is to dine at a shared table not to exceed 6.

Aloha -- Cathi