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Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Our Meal Selections for the 2nd Half of Our Cruise

Aloha Everyone,

Here are our meal selections for the 2nd half of our cruise. Challah, bread served during the Jewish Sabbath, was an interesting food for our table mates who haven’t had prior experience.

Tonight Chris Robert, the commentator for the Panama Canal crossing. Off stage without prepared topics of conversation, he was reticent and came across as being shy. However when the remainder of our table, a husband and wife from Texas plus J.J. and I started talking about our experiences of unexpected medical emergencies while traveling abroad, Chris came on board. He had so many specific questions including when and how much should one pay for travel insurance and what it covers.

These are unknown answers and depends on when, how and where medical emergency happens. All we could tell Chris is what J.J. and I try to do. Maintain our overall health, enjoy traveling while we can, be grateful for each day and don’t let fear interfere from living our life fully!

Aloha -- Cathi