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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Capital Seafood at Monterey Park

Aloha Everyone,

Our get together with J.J.’s cousins, Cory and Moira was enjoyable. Friendly company, very good conversation including the latest travel stories from the clan. Yes the dim sum style dishes served on push carts ala Hong Kong was delicious!

This restaurant is so popular that we arrived by 11:00 am to beat the Saturday crowd. The design of the interior includes modular walls that can be expanded or contracted as needed.  At a glance, it was a wall to wall people.  All guest were seated at square tables. Aromas of freshly prepared Chinese food was overwhelming. J.J. and the cousins were ready. I don’t even know how a seating host found a vacant table. As soon as we were seated, J.J., Cory and Moira were busy motioning dim sum carts to put down plates of their choices.

Of the 10 dishes we ordered, I managed to photograph 8 before individual pieces were chopped and morsels consumed. My favorite dishes were steamed vegetables (Chinese spinach) and black sesame buchi (sweet buns).

After nearly 3 hours including Moira’s driving time, we parted company. The next time we make a date to go to another Chinese Restaurant, it will be LA Chinatown. J.J. and I are happy to have Cory and Moira who are more adventurous dining companions.

What happened to iPhone app is another story. I will find a solution.

Aloha -- Cathi