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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Fall & Halloween Decors

Aloha Everyone,

Entrance to the Trader Joe’s store has bright, colorful displays of Fall & Halloween decors. I am always amazed as to how many variety of pumpkins are available. Most of them aren’t for eating and from our recent experience of trying to carve one, you might as well just paint them or draw designs on them and place them on your front porch or doorway.

On one of our cruises, chefs were showing off their pumpkin carving skills. First of all, those chefs had arms and hands that were at least 4 times bigger than mine. They used an electric torch and boning knife which from 10 feet away looked like me like carving a block of tofu.

In any case after spending about 20 minutes and nearly $100 for fresh organic fruits and veggies, plus one dozen organic eggs, J.J. and I came away with 4 bagful of healthy meal selections.

Among them are boxes of dark chocolate bars which are delicious and definitely give you a boost.

Aloha -- Cathi