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Monday, September 18, 2023

Resourceful Entrepreneurs

Aloha Everyone,

Less than 3 minutes in length, today’s Apple News Audio broadcast had a story about the South of Border resourceful entrepreneurs with a unique business. They buy used clothes and shoes and bags from the USA, hire workers to sort and clean. It is time consuming work, but apparently with very small investments, potential rewards are substantial. The items are resold on line to Americans.

Goodwill and Salvation Army promote themselves as non-profits organizations. Volunteers are given job training and you can purchase in-store items at deep discounts.

After listening to today’s Apple News Audio Broadcast, I thought of a couple we knew in Arizona. On two occasions, when J.J. and I passed by and invited them out to lunch, they proudly told us that all their “brand names” items they were wearing cost less than $5 each.

On our recent Emerald Princess cruise, the two of us shared a breakfast table with a woman from Idaho. She was a devoted on-line shopper who constantly searches for “gently-used” brand name items. Funny how a term such as “gently-used” is acceptable. She told us that all her family, friends and grandchildren also receive “gently-used” items for their birthdays and Christmas.

When NBA and NFL teams are playing in the Finals, both teams logo items are printed. This is because as soon as the winner is announced, their logo hats and shirts must be ready to be worn by the team.  Losing team’s logo items are shipped to a third-world country, say an African nation.

What is bizarre turn of event is there are collectors who search for losing team’s logo items.  Potential for online businesses incorporating Ai search engine with target market are limitless and also disturbing.

Aloha -- Cathi