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Sunday, September 17, 2023

La Compagnie Boutique Airline

Aloha Everyone,

Travel & Leisure readers voted La Compagnie as their favorite international airline. At present, La Compagnie has just two Airbus A321 Neo planes.

The big selling point is that La Compagnie has just 76 lie-flat bed seats. With only 20 rows of business class seats, this mono-class configuration is as close to experiencing a ride in a private plane.

According to the Apple News article, tickets prices are reasonable. For example, a round trip flight between Newark, New Jersey and Paris, France starts at $2,400.

Free WiFi on board, excellent French cuisine and other Business Class services the two of us have been enjoying seems to be available on La Compagnie.

While there are definite comforts of traveling via cruise ships, J.J. and I are also looking to expand our travel routes and itineraries to more European cities. We will monitor La Compagnie especially when they offer discounted tickets.

Aloha -- Cathi