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Saturday, September 9, 2023

Hectic Traveling Day

Aloha Everyone,

The two of us try to schedule our cruises starting and ending preferably from San Pedro, California. Ending our last cruise in New York was not our choice.  

Prior to disembarking, I was able to walk around the promenade deck and to take photos of the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan Skyline. Our bus ride of $39 per person was supposed to take an hour. The bus driver circled the departure area of American Airlines 5 times because of ongoing construction. He finally found the correct drop off point.

The airlines changed our travel schedule four times! Flights were being cancelled due to the weather. Destinations changed when we arrived at the gate.

American Airlines at Richmond, VA had two separate booths to assist customers but the 4 staffs congregate, gossip and it’s was quite obvious that they are more interested in their social life than working.

A man who looked their senior by the way he was dressed and spoke with standard English wasn’t going to get involved with customer service. When we addressed him, he told us that no I am not supposed to be working here. You have to wait for one of the girls to help you.

Our two assigned wheelchair assistants walked off to have their dinner break without telling us that they were going. They were in their peculiar way helpful and JJ gave them our “standard” tip.

J.J.’s gentle but firm persistence paid off at the end.  At 8:28 pm Richmond, Virginia, we tentatively booked our new flights directly to Dallas Fort Worth Airport. Arrival time of nearly midnight is a big challenge. 

Will, a ground agent at AAL was patient and helpful in assisting us with our revised flight schedules.

Aloha -- Cathi