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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Early Day Schedule

Aloha Everyone,

Even for us, today was an early day schedule. Last night a sheet of paper was slid under our main door informing us that a fire alarm monitoring company will access our unit starting at 8:00 am. Their task is to confirm that our sprinkler system is in compliant with the standards for the State of California.

I let the technicians in and J.J. remained in the room while I went walking. What is visibly different is the replacement of the rusted sprinkler head in our bathroom. J.J. said the water line connection had to be turned off and water in the pipe drained — his estimate is at least 80 gallons.

Enjoyed cool morning walk with sunrise and a great conversation with my son, Jeff. Our refrigerator is filled with fruits and veggies. My task is to design our daily meals so that JJ can enjoy balanced diet tilted towards vegetable protein.

Aloha -- Cathi