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Thursday, March 28, 2024

Back to Drawing Pads

Aloha Everyone,

To motivate me to continue with my practice, whether in drawing or physical exercises, I asked my granddaughter to make a recording of one of her 90 minutes daily flute practice. 

I looked everywhere of her recording which she made for me. I was adamant in my search which was safely stored in Voice Memo folder. Yeah!!!

My granddaughter and I spent about an hour drawing together. We probably spent a total of 3 hours during our stay in La Jolla. Aside from her drawing video animations, my granddaughter is also adept in using Pentel mechanical pencils. She showed me her recent drawings with hands in various positions, full body movements, and some more focused on faces and hairs.

I promised myself that I will work on my drawings with short time limits to discipline myself. It is truly gratifying that my granddaughter and I continue to connect and communicate via art.

Aloha -- Cathi