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Saturday, March 16, 2024

From Idaho Falls, ID to Park City, UT

Aloha Everyone,

Waited until 10 am so Honu would defrost under the sun.  36 degrees and sunny. Had a simple breakfast of croissant and coffee at the hotel.  

By noon, we were ready for a hot meal. Blackfoot is a small town where The Idaho Potato Museum is located. 5 years ago, I spent about 40 minutes visiting and educating myself about the history of the potato and the revolution of the potato industry, while J.J. was feasting on a steaming hot baked potato served with butter and chives.  

Today, we asked for one potato each and enjoyed it in the museum cafe. Well, it’s more like a hard indoor wooden park bench but the potato was DELICIOUS!!! Two teen age boys who took our order and prepared our potatoes had no idea nor did they even care how far we drove to eat this delicacy :-)

Potato, 5 years ago was $2.00. Today it’s $3.00. 50% inflation. We couldn’t help but wonder how the cost of living around here is affecting farmers and ordinary families.

Cracker Barrel was our choice for dinner. J.J. had a steak with mashed potatoes and gravy and I asked for Farmers Breakfast consisting of 2 eggs sunny side up, crisp turkey bacon and a basket of cornbread and muffins served with hot gravy. Too heavy and too complicated for my stomach. I had to stand up leaving 1/2 of my plate still full.

Microhotel, a full service hotel, was tonight’s accommodation. We have a room on the 2nd floor with view. Interesting to try different hotels, especially those that are outside of major hotel chains.

Aloha -- Cathi