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Monday, May 18, 2015

Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, NM

Aloha Everyone,

A Blue Hole is a vertical cave or underwater sinkhole. One of the most popular destinations for scuba diving in the USA is the Blue Hole located in Santa Rosa, NM.

This Blue Hole has a depth of 80 ft and outflow of 3,000 gallons per minute. The water temperature is constant year around at 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

Jay from Colorado and Mike from Arkansas were on assignment for the city to install safety equipment for scuba divers. Mike (baseball cap) invented KISS-Scuba rebreather equipment.

Sisters, Jackie and Kathy and their husbands were on their road trip from Oklahoma.

Here are Jackie and Donnie (with a cowboy hat)

Kathy and Matt

We also met Stephanie (left) and Shannon. Full-time fellow travelers, they were on their way to North Dakota to participate in the sugar beet harvest. There are many different type of "work camp" for full time travelers if you decide to stay at one place for awhile, work, get involve in the community, make new friends and earn money.

Fleeting beauty of ever changing colors of desert landscape as we crossed the Continental Divide in New Mexico.

Tonight we are staying at the USA RV Park in Gallup, NM. This is our 3rd time stay at this particular location. The amenities are excellent. J.J. was looking forward to their BBQ dinner. Unfortunately high winds shut off the electricity and the event was cancelled.

We are using the floor heater of Honu and a portable heater to keep ourselves warm tonight.

Aloha -- Cathi