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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Museo Historia de la Medicina and Gringolandia

Aloha Everyone,

My interest in visiting the Museo Historia de la Medicina was to gather information on traditional herbal remedies. The museum is located within a large compound where there is still an active clinic operating.

After walking through rooms exhibiting antique orthodontist and other medical equipment, we climbed the stairs to the second floor and met a woman who was delighted to have visitors. When she learned about our interest in studying traditional herbal remedies, she engaged us in a long conversation in rapid Spanish. Well, it would be more accurate to state that she was making a passionate explanation and appeal why the herbal garden is in disarray and suffers from deferred maintenance.

One of my favorite promenade area along Rio Tonebamba

After our walk of about an hour, J.J. and I took a taxi to Gringolandia, so referred by the Cuencanos and Jubilados de Estados Unidos (retired from the USA) because the neighborhoods located in the New City have newer residential homes and buildings including condominiums specifically catered to foreigners.

Most condo have secured, underground parking.

Aloha -- Cathi