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Monday, May 4, 2015

No WiFi Day - Walking Through Cuenca

Aloha Everyone,

We noticed that our WiFi was not working on Saturday when we returned from our one-day excursion to Ingapirca. Perhaps it was caused by the rain, thunder and lightening we had in the afternoon.  

This morning we passed by our favorite German bakery to purchase bread and croissant for the next couple of days. 

Nancy from California was in the store and we had a brief but meaningful conversation. Nancy mentioned to us that she had traveled in a large motorhome for 11 years before deciding to retire in Cuenca. She was a lovely person and we both reluctantly said "Ciao" as she was going to her Spanish class and we were on our way to walk towards Rio Tomebamba.

Due to all our walking since staying in Cuenca, J.J. has lost another 10 pounds according to Seldro Nunez, the man with the sidewalk scale.

He charges 20 cents to take your weight. To some of his heavy set clients, he also dispenses free advice such as, "Stay away from ice creams."

One of the joys of walking is that you make small discoveries.

Drying laundry

Lobby of a hotel/restaurant

Servicio Hygenico (Public Toilet). I heard that they charge 10 cents.

Curious door-knocker

Hopefully, out WiFi connection will be restored so that my blogs can be posted soon.

Aloha -- Cathi