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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Cajun Claws Seafood

Aloha Everyone,

We woke up to a cool morning of 72 degrees Fahrenheit. One of our daughter-in-laws asked if we are happy living back in Honu after a month in Cuenca.

My answer is an emphatic YES. I realize that after 15 months of living and traveling with Honu, our lives have become more simple and flexible. We are more accepting and adaptable of ever-changing weather, environments and circumstances.

We bypassed New Orleans as we stayed on I-10. In sharp contrast to ultra-modern glass edifices of downtown, we saw old brick buildings long abandoned and still wearing scars of Hurricane Katrina.

High humidity as we traversed the area surrounded by swamps. 

We also bypassed Baton Rouge, another major city of Louisiana.

Light drizzle as we approached Lafayette. We checked in at Frog City RV Park in Duson off I-10.

For dinner J.J. and I stopped at Cajun Claws Seafood Restaurant. Tonight was the opening night of this restaurant with 300 seating capacity.

Catherine (right) and Emma were ready to assist and answer my questions. 

Mina, the receptionist was waiting to welcome the opening night guests of family and friends.

J.J. said that it's a lots of work to shell 3 lbs of Craw fish. However it was thoroughly satisfying.

My vegetarian fare of lettuce, cucumber, tofu, blueberries with corn on the cob, boiled potato plus garlic mushroom was excellent.

Aloha -- Cathi