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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Colorado City and Hurricane Arizona

Aloha Everyone,

On our way out of Kaibab National Forest, we stopped at a view point. Jose and his sister Rachel were from Washington, DC. I felt an immediate kinship when Jose told me that their father is from Ecuador.

Colorado City, AZ,  located  on the northern border with Utah is known as the "Polygamy Town".  J.J. and I were curious to see this infamous place. Against the backdrop of serene Mojave Mountains, initial appearance seemed innocuous.  We then noticed the following: First, there were long, tall white walls to keep off outsiders and keep residents inside. Second, houses were HUGE. They appeared to be able to accommodate several extended families. If you are interested, here is a web link:

Hurricane, AZ in comparison seemed like a pleasant, friendly small town. We saw several RV parks. We would be interested in returning and exploring this town.

This is our fourth time driving through Virgin River Gorge. I still felt the same thrill, excitement and awe of the height of the rocky cliffs and the narrowness of the road. In 1973, when this passage opened, it was the most expensive rural interstate per mile.

We are back at the Sam's Town RV Park in Las Vegas. For the next 5 days, we will clean Honu, re-organize our personal possessions catch up with reading, writing, and drawings. I also need to set some time aside to study Spanish.

Aloha -- Cathi