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Friday, May 1, 2015

May Day Street Demonstration and Artisan Fair

Aloha Everyone,

In Ecuador, May Day is a national holiday and in El Centro of Cuenca, there were orderly but noisy street demonstrations. Five to six people walking shoulder-to-shoulder, they marched repeating their leader's shouts and clenched fists to express "solidarity" and "workers rights".

They were non-threatening though the show of police and civil security forces were more visible than ordinary days.

I gave my thumb up to the Federacion del jubilados del Azuay (Federation of Retired from The Azuay Province).

At La Parque De La Madre, today was the opening of a 3-days special exhibits of the local artisans. There were so many extranjeros (foreigners) that J.J. and I almost felt that we were back in the states, at a small community's Farmers Market. Products being sold were varied from hand-made quilt to jewelry and decorative items for home. 

J.J. and I do not need anything to decorate Honu. We found a kiosk selling Macadamia nuts from Cuenca.

Artisans Exhibits

Celia (left) works for Valgus Hotel with Rafaella selling Kana macadamia nuts from Cuenca.

We also purchased a 1/2 kilo size fresh farmers bread from an Italian restaurant owner, Massimo. (This is the first time we purchased bread sold by kilo.)

Many Americans

Fanny and Gabriella were selling traditional home-made sweets. Wonderful variety of tiny and beautiful sweets that are made out of yucca flour eaten as part of the Feast of Corpus Christi. Each piece has district flavor and taste. Not too sweet but wonderful with a cup of Expresso coffee.

Many restaurants and shops were closed in observation of May Day. J.J. and I stopped for a light lunch at GOZA. My pasta with pesto, garlic and fresh mushroom was very good. The portion was too large that I only ate about 1/4 and had the rest packed for J.J. to enjoy.

J.J.'s crepe

In the afternoon, we  took our daily nap, did our laundry and I wrote emails to our friends.

Aloha -- Cathi