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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Day Trip to Monument Hill and Kreische Brewery

Aloha Everyone,

The State Park Guide produced by Texas Parks & Wildlife along with Heart Of Texas Wildlife Trail maps are invaluable in planning our travel through this beautiful, state with amazing, ever changing landscapes.

Monument Hill and Kreische Brewery are located on a bluff overlooking the Colorado River.

The tall granite monument marks the tomb of Texans who died during the Dawson Massacre.

The Kreische site includes the house of Heinrich Ludwig Kreische, a German immigrant, and the ruins of a brewery he had built.

J.J. read the signs warning about Copperhead snakes.  I was extra cautious and mindful as to where to step as I tried to spot birds.

To our comment that we've noticed many towns with Germanic names, Dennis, the Park Superintendent as well as Park police officer explained that a large number of Germans as well as Czechs and Poles had immigrated to Fayette County.

On our return, we drove by The Fayette County Courthouse located in historic downtown La Grange. The architecture looks European.

We stopped by at Buc-ee's to load diesel and J.J. purchased a Pastrami Reuben sandwich for lunch. I opted for a vegetarian plate which I whipped up.

Aloha -- Cathi