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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Elk Hunting & Ocean Fishing

Aloha Everyone,

Visit with Jim and Susan in Port O'Connor has opened our eyes to things we have not yet experienced.

On Jim's last birthday, they went to High Adventure Ranch in Cook Station, MO. Jim paid the flat fee of $6,000 to shoot a 700 pound elk with his bow and arrow. The animal was butchered and its meat was professionally packed for them to bring home. For Susan who did not participate the hunt, they paid $150 per night. The couple were given a private cabin, three full meals a day plus permitted to drive around the park to observe wild animals.

The activity they had invited us to participate is to go ocean fishing. At Marty's Landing, J.J. and I each paid $16 for a one day fishing license.

The remainder of the day was spent helping Jim and Susan prepare the boat, including making sure that there were 4 life jackets. They also taught J.J. and me how to hold the fishing pole and how to cast the line.

Aloha -- Cathi