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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Magical Bird Walk, Big Al & Agave Jalisco


I am discovering that birding attracts certain types of people. Enthusiastic, energetic and inquisitive are some of the adjectives that come to my mind when I observe fellow birders.

Alan and Michelle are bird hosts at the Choke Canyon State Park. Alan has been involved in wildlife photography for nearly most of his life. Retired 3 years ago, they live in Montana, but volunteer at national and state parks including Yellowstone National Park. 

Diane and her husband, Bob, were occupying the camping site next to us.

Rosy from Canada with her rescued cattle dog is from Canada. Fluent in Spanish and have lived in Europe, we seemed to have lots of things in common.

In the afternoon, some of us led by Alan and Michelle went to look for Big Al, a resident alligator, who was measured 15 ft and weighed 800 lbs when he was measured 5 years ago. We saw Big Al sunning on a bank at the other side of the lake. The photo captured by Diane with her camera and enlarged using my iPhone shows Big Al smiling.

The group photo also include Tracey & Wayne from Colorado, avid birders and lovers of wildlife. We all exchanged emails and promised to stay in touch.

I cannot finish today's blog without mentioning about Agave Jalisco. Definitely one of the best Mexican foods we've had in Texas. J.J. and I went back to this family-owned restaurant in Three Rivers to feast on their special of the day.

Aloha -- Cathi