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Sunday, February 7, 2016

First Sea Day

Aloha Everyone,

The sun was shining brightly promising a great first sea day. J.J. and I went to have our Sunday brunch in the London dining room. We joined a table for 10 people where 6 of them are from Texas. I took a note of a couple of good tips on "must visit" places in the state from native Texans.

Lee and Rose from Texas have been married for 46 years. Rose, originally from Mexico graciously helped me practice my conversational Spanish.

Rose joined me at the exercise room for an hour of gentle workout combined with yoga asanas. The balancing poses are more challenging since the floor moves when the sea pitches and rocks. I plan to maintain my practice at least once a day and invited Rose to join me whenever she is available.

We booked our shore excursions for Jamaica and Cozumel. Based on what we hear from fellow passengers who have visited both of these places in their previous cruises, it would be prudent for us to use the Carnivals' shore excursion programs.

Several Super-Bowl parties are keeping many of the passengers entertained. We peeked at the pre-game gatherings, then went to have our dinner. Fortunately, our 8:15 pm dinner time has been rescheduled to the 6:00 pm. J.J. and I were able to return to our stateroom for the half-time entertainment.

Aloha -- Cathi